Frequently asked questions / answers

Yes they are! They are build one at a time by hand and this is what makes them unique.

No they are not painted on top. They color is within the material - 4 to 6 mil. thick - that makes it stand in time. We have samples made for more than 100 years now and they still look spot on.

There is not any limitations since we may use any of the colors of the «BENJAMIN MOORE CLASSIC» palette.

From one up to 10 different colors according to its design pattern.

We have a big variety of design patterns but still we may produce your own (like a logo) at a reasonable cost. We only need an image to reproduce the shape of the design.

If you are not satisfied with the shapes, designs and sizes we already include in our collection please contact us to discuss your idea.

Yes there are available for all designs and patterns plus special pieces for steps etc.
Does the cement tiles get cutted for fitting?

Yes, using equipment used in normal tiles.

They have the same procedure as normal tiles - only add some latex in the mix for more durability in time.

As all cement products they are absorbent so we need to add a protective coat on their surface. This procedure may be done by us in the factory or during installation.

Yes they are. They are made by natural construction materials and during their fabrication a small portions of energy is needed.

Very simple, nothing special. Only note that acid may affect their color.